Problem Scenario [new]
Updated: 4/21/2020
Problem Scenario [new]

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  • Work, Jan 1st @ 11:32pm. Robert is expressing his frustrations about his current job
  • Long work hours...little pay! I think it's time to switch majors!
  • So you would like to switch majors into Computer Science would ya?
  • OU Admissions Office, 6 Months Later @ 2:00pm. Robert is sitting in admissions looking to switch majors
  • Yes, I'm miserable at my current job. I love technology and would like to make more money and work less hours
  • College, 10 Days Later @ 4:30pm. Robert sitting in class pondering the teachers comment
  • Remember students, It's required that you have an internship in order to gain important industry experience.
  • I didn't realize I needed an internship. I really want one so I can gain important industry experience!
  • It looks like most of these internships don't pay very much. Wow, only $10 hourly for this internship at Ford...that won't even cover my rent! I have to make this work, I really want an internship!
  • Apartment, 2 days later @ 2:00pm. Robert is looking for an internship
  • I really need to get an internship, and I want one to gain important experience...If I were to leave this job would you be able to guarantee my position if I come back?
  • Work, Next Day @ 11:00pm. Robert is asking his boss for time off work for an internship
  • No way! We would need to fill your position immediately after you leave
  • Apartment, Next Day @ 9:00am. Robert is home crying about his situation
  • ...If only someone had a solution?!?!
  • Will this internship even pay the bills if I leave my full-time position? What comes after, if there is no guarantee that this internship will lead to a full-time position?