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The jester and Boy
Updated: 4/18/2020
The jester and Boy
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Storyboard Description

A jester sees a boy being bullied by knights, a figure in who he wants to be in the furture, the jester stands up for the boy and helps him decide things

Storyboard Text

  • Why are they bullying him? He just asked to be one of them, a Knight.
  • It's because poor peole don't deserve to be a knight
  • I just want to be like you guys, cool. Why?
  • It's not right for knights to pick on poor people, Apologize!
  • Ok, me and my friends won't bully the other poor people.
  • Would you like to join the knights? We can be your friends.
  • Sure! thanks you so much!
  • Its ok, my name is Jester. Now come on, stand up.
  • I know that you helped me so thank you for sticking up for me, know I have friends and is almost a knight! My name is Simon
  • A few weeks later.
  • It's ok, my name is Simon. I'm just doing what someone had did for me, doing a good deed.
  • Thank you for helping me against those bandits, i thought that they would help me get food,
  • The End of the Comic, Simon had been helped from bullying by a person Jester, made friends, and is helping others.
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