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Storyboard1 Trade Union by Onke1997
Updated: 9/29/2020
Storyboard1 Trade Union by Onke1997
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  • Please stop touching me like that it is inappropriate and i do not like it.
  • Hey there beautiful babe. Look sexy today that dress suits you.
  • it has been a while asking you to stop what you doing, because it is sexual harassment to me.
  • Don't bother yourself by crying nobody will believe you, because I know most people in high places.
  • You have to do something and it is making me angry the fact that you have done nothing about it, because of the threats from him
  • I think its best for you to report the matter to the trade union organizer since you the member
  • it has been a long time since I have been quiet. He has sexual harassed me and I do not know what to do?
  • Please I need help to deal with a sexual harassment issue at my workplace and it has been happening quite some time now.
  • The manager touches the employee in a way that makes the employee uncomfortable and she does not like that.
  • I promise to do y best to help and resolve the issue, you must not worry.
  • The employee decided to confront the manager to stop with the sexual harassment , but the manager threatened the female employee because he believes that there is no evidence.
  • Thank you for standing with me with my issue at work.
  • It is my duty to help and protect members in the workplace
  • The employee told another female colleague about the matter whom she could trust and she advised her to go to her trade union organizer for help.
  • I think its best if i should resign.
  • The employee feels vulnerable and explains her workplace issue to the trade union organizer ad ask for help.
  • The trade union organizer advice the member on working conditions should be like at the workplace and the ways of handling the sexual harassment issue. 
  • The trade organizer booked an appointment with the manager and employee to resolve the issue. Now in a meeting addressing the concerns of the employee and providing legislation and policy priples the employee has.
  • This meeting if the sexual harassment allegations and that is a form of discrimination and such is prohibited in terms of the Employment Equity Act.
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