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Updated: 5/9/2020
av1 2

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Storyboard Text

  • "At the same moment, a door open opens and closes high above me. For a second there is light in my prison, and then gone again (...) My fear keeps me from sleep for many long hour, but at the last my eyes close. When i wake up, there is bread and water beside me again. So... They are watching me all the time, and come in while i am asleep."
  • "Now i see. I am lying on my back, and am tied to a low wooden bed, with many ropes around my body(...) i look up at the metal ceiling above me(..) No, wait! The pendulum is real - it is moving side to side."
  • I am very thirsty and i drink the water quickly. They have put something in it because at once i feel very sleepy(...) When i wake up, it is not so dark. A yellow light is coming from somewhere(...) I cannot stand up! why?"
  • " 'Come! Cut me! Be quick, give me death!' I sleep, wake, and sleep again. And the pendulum moves from side to side above out (...) When will they end? (...) Yes! Some of the biggest rats have jumped up on me (...) And yes! The rats are eating into the ropes - i can feel it! (...) There i am free! (...) i move away from the wall to the pit in the centre of the room. The burning ceiling sends light deep into the pit, and looking down, i see... No, no, I cannot - I cannot speack of it! Not this! No, no, not this! (...)"