Hand Science project
Updated: 1/12/2020
Hand Science project
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  • If you burn your hand, your nervous system will tell your skeletal system to move your hand away from the place that burnt you. The integumentary system then protects the inside of your hand from getting hurt.
  • I decided yo make a hand for my model. The systems I have decided to use are the nervous, skeletal, and integumentary systems.
  • Some limitations I had were finding the right materials to use. At first, I couldn't find anything to make the skin out of, also the hand was too small for me to put everything I wanting in it like veins and arteries.
  • My model is accurate because all of the fingers bend in the correct position and direction.
  • The action I chose was making a fist. The integumentary system protects the organs inside of the hand. The skeletal system bends the hand, and the nervous system tells your hand to make a fist.
  • Two other systems that help make a fist are the muscular system, which helps your body move, and the circulatory system, which keeps blood flow in your hand and fingers so that you won't lose function in them.
  • The condition I chose to research was carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel effects the nervous system in the wrist and hand. You can fix carpal tunnel with physical therapy or surgery.
  • If the joints located in the skeletal system weren't working properly, you wouldn't be able to move them.
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