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Updated: 9/27/2018
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  • yes, master shjon.
  • The Daimyo
  • i will pay to do a job for me.
  • go to this villiage and make it fall under my reign.
  • The Peasents
  • this village now belongs to the daimyo, shjon pol, you peasent
  • killing
  • anyone else who dares to oppose daimyo shjon
  • plz no more, we will do what you say just leave!
  • samurai worked for daimyos and would get paid to do jobs for them
  • The merchant
  • i would like to purcahse a new sword, scum. 
  • samurai would keep the peace between peasents. Samurai would also take over land so that it could become part of the daimyos domain.
  • The Ronin
  • who are you?
  • samurai also fought with a long sword and a short sword, a lance and a bow. Samurai were also great horse riders.
  • The shogun
  • merchants were treated as scum because they did not contribute to society and just sold other peoples work.
  • of course sir.
  • a ronin is a samurai who doesnt have a master or who cant fight in battles anymore.
  • i am a ronin. My master was assasinated by a ninja
  • because the shogun was a powerful military leader he would take samurai into battles to take over other lands and increase his overall power
  • we are going to war samurai, and we are gonna over take their country.
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