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Updated: 1/21/2020
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  • Eww...Did you see that picture Emily posted? Like who does she think she is
  • I know right. We should totally comment. I said "eww your so ugly, you shouldn't be posting that."
  • Sarah- Your so uglyKat- Yea it should be a crime to dress like thatSarah- Haha your sooo right!!Kat- EMILY serioulsy don't take any more pictures of yourself! Save us all the troubleSarah- yessss please
  • Comments...
  • Stop. What have I ever done to you? Could you please be nice?
  • Ewww look it's Emily. You gonna post any more pictures today?!
  • Who do you think you are talking to us like that. No we're better than you..just face it.
  • Yea and that dress. Where'd you get it the dumpster?! Hahahaha!!
  • Sarah- Emily I noticed you haven't posted anything yet.Kat- What did you finally relize everyone was better off and you killed yourself??!!Sarah- Yess PlzzzJulia- Ummm sorry but y'all are being really rude to Emily what has she done? You really need to stop your not being nice.Kat- Look who the cat dragged in some loser to Emily's rescue how patheticSarah- Yea I don't remember asking for your opion or anything maybe you should go away too.Julia- Please stop being mean to me and everybody around you. It's not your place and it's not very nice.
  • Emily- Hi I'm Emily. I don't think we've formally met. I just wanted to say thanks for standing up for me.Julia- Hi. Of course what there saying is rude. Not to impose but why don't you stand up for yourself.Emily- Because it's better to ignore they will never stop and there's no point in trying anymore. I'm sorry your involved.Julia- I'm not...What they're doing is wrong no matter who it's to. Let's talk more at schoolEmily- Yes. Thanks again
  • Direct MessageTo: JuliaFrom: Emily
  • 1. Hello girls. I've called you here today because Julia here tells me that Emily you're being cyberbullied by girls here at school2. It's okay Emily, and Julia thanks for coming to me. Emily thank you for telling me the whole truth and don't be scared I'll get this completly taken care of. You have nothing to worry about. I promise
  • It's true. Sarah and Kat. They call me names, and make fun of me, and tell me I should kill myself. I'm sorry I didn't come to you I was just so scared. They are so rude to me and I feel so stuck. And I was worried what might happen if I said anything
  • 1. I'm sorry but I couldn't not do anything. You really need to get help, and someone needs to put those girls to a stop.
  • 1. Hi girls. I'm principal Walker.2. I was informed by Emily and Julia that you two have been cyberbulling. And after taking a look at there phones I can see it's true. What do you two have to say for yourself?3. I don't think so and the police as well as your parents have been informed and there are severe punishments coming4. Cyberbulling is a serius offence. Your lucky Emily is okay. The authorities have been notified and the case is being turned to them. We don't tolerate cyberbulling here. RIght now your suspened, and possibly facing expulltion. Girls next time think about the consequences of your actions. This is VERY serious.
  • 1. Okay and I'm Kat.2. We didn't mean anthing it was just a joke, there's no need for punishment or anything.3. That's not necessary. We are soooooo super sorry and it meant nothing promise.
  • 1. I'm Sarah. What can we do for you today ma'm2. Yea, must be some misunderstanding3. yes what Kat said is true. It was a joke. We are sorry. It was all a prank and fake. I'm sorry. Soooooo sorry.
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