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Updated: 9/25/2020
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Storyboard Text

  • Conflict
  • “What’s that boy been drinking? I know all about these Indian kids. They start drinking real young.”
  • Character
  • "Go ahead and tell me none of this is supposed to hurt me very much."
  • Plot
  • I felt the good-byes I was saying to my entire tribe.
  • Alexie had to go through many hardships just because of his ethnicity. The main conflict would be man vs. society, because everyone judged and ridiculed him just because he was an Indian/ a "savage"
  • Point of view
  • Sherman Alexie is both dynamic and round. He has many character traits, he is smart, sensitive, and perseveres. He is round because the story tells his life from first grade all the way to twelfth so he goes from a little boy to a strong minded man.
  • Setting
  • In seventh grade Alexie kissed the white girl, this is the climax because Alexie felt he was saying goodbye to his tribe and all of those who had cared about him.
  • Theme
  • I passed out during a slow song. As my white friends revived me and prepared to take me to the emergency room where doctors would later diagnose my diabetes
  • This story is told in first person, the reader knows because it is told from Sherman Alexie's point of view using words like I and me.
  • I ran home after school, heard their Indian tears, and looked in the mirror
  • The setting of which the story Indian Education takes place is at School. The setting also creates conflict for the character in sense that it causes bullying for the character.
  • ...first winter in school, the other Indian boys chased me from one corner of the playground to the other. They pushed me down, buried me in the snow until I couldn’t breathe
  • Sherman Alexie learns that your skin color doesn't determine who is going to be on your side. The theme would be, friendship runs deeper than skin color.
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