Political Cartoon of Seven Roles of the President
Updated: 1/10/2021
Political Cartoon of Seven Roles of the President

Storyboard Description

1.Chief Executive 2.Chief Diplomat 3.Head of State 4.Commander in Chief 5.Legislative Leader 6.Economic Leader 7. Party Leader

Storyboard Text

  • I hereby declare that all of the people who were at the peaceful Capitol protest on 1/6/2021, are all pardoned from punishment.
  • Chief Executive
  • *whispers* Have the troops ready incase they attack
  • Head of State & Commander in Chief
  • This is a very nice country you have here, Augustus.
  • Thank you very much Mr. Trump, I hope to visit America soon as well *turns around to leave*
  • I want to appoint this stray gorilla I found in my closet to serve as an ambassador.
  • Chief Diplomat
  • I'm just here to look cute
  • Legislative Leader
  • I'm proposing a bill saying that I can be president for 3 terms just like Teddy Roosevelt. But ONLY ME!
  • God no! Please no! Don't pass it!
  • Oh ok cool, I was thinking $97,352,772 because I'm like a trillionaire.
  • Economic Leader
  • Hi, we are budget officials to help you plan the federal government's budget.
  • Um... ok?
  • Party Leader
  • As the Republican Party leader, I help raise money. Please help us raise money to fund me. I have lost a lot of money due to many failed suing attempts.
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