Teaching Navi

Updated: 2/9/2021
Teaching Navi

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  • ShmuelNatanGad/AchiyahAchiyah ElihahuYeshayahu
  • ...But why does a Navi need to play that role?
  • ShaulDavidShlomo Yeravam AchavChizkiyahu
  • Kings always have Neviim to keep them in Check and offer Tochacha.
  • In Divrei Hayamim II, Chanani is referred to as a "Ro'eh" and punished.
  • Chanani"Ha'Ro'eh"
  • The Malbim explains he deserved punishment because he did not act as a "Chozeh", someone who acts respectfully toward the king, solely representing the word of Hashem.
  • Asa
  • The ideal Navi-King relationship is one in which the Navi offers Tochacha with Derech Eretz according to the message of Hashem
  • Respect