Cohabitat - Housemate Screening Storyboard 1
Updated: 11/13/2020
Cohabitat - Housemate Screening Storyboard 1

Storyboard Description

Housemate Screening from Naomi's perspective

Storyboard Text

  • After scanning the QR code Katelyn just gave me, I add her to our household’s potential housemate list, so that both my housemate and I can see Katelyn’s profile, as well as other applicants.
  • Katelyn Housemate Record
  • Katelyn's records show that ...
  • Potential Housemate List
  • KatelynJasonRia
  • It’s very nice meeting you today Katelyn, and thanks for swinging by to visit our place!
  • Nice to meet you too, Naomi! Thanks for the showing!
  • Potential Housemate List
  • KatelynJasonRia
  • We’ve been using Cohabitat to help with our housemate screening process.
  • Would you mind sharing your Cohabitat profile with us, if you have one?
  • Not mind at all! I do have a Cohabitat profile, and let me share that with you. You can scan this QR code to find me.
  • Naomi just finished showing Katelyn the apartment and the vacant room. They are now in the living room chatting before Katelyn leaves.
  • Her profile shows that she is a quite responsible housemate. My housemate and I can also give her profile a star if we are interested in moving forward with her.
  • Naomi enjoys her conversation with Katelyn a lot, and she likes to use Cohabitat to corroborate her first impression of her.
  • I have also taken a look at her housing expectations and preferences, and nothing particularly raises my eyebrows. I’ll ask my housemate on this, since they will be sharing the bathroom together.
  • Katelyn Expectations
  • Katelyn Personal Preferences
  • By inviting an applicant to the potential housemate list and the applicant accepting the invitation, anyone in the household group will have access to the applicant’s profile, and on the other hand, the applicant will also have access to the housemates’ profile as well.
  • Based on our conversations with Katelyn and her Cohabitat profile, both my housemate and I believe that Katelyn will be a good housemate. I’ll send her a follow-up email and if things work out, we’ll invite her into our Cohabitat household group!
  • Naomi and her housemate can look into the data points that Katelyn’s profile provides, such as how reliable Katelyn is when it comes to paying rent and shared expenses, or how responsible Katelyn is when it comes to doing chores. Based on these data points, they can decide if she could be a good candidate.
  • Katelyn’s profile also lists out the household rules from Katelyn’s previous household, and/or any of her personal expectations and preferences towards many aspects of co-living, such as housemate behaviors, bathroom usage, kitchen space usage, allergies etc.
  • If things go well, Naomi can invite Katelyn to their household group, and close their potential housemate list. By closing the potential housemate list, or removing anyone from the list, the applicants and the housemates will no longer have access to each other’s profile.