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Create a Dystopian Characters
Updated: 3/26/2019
Create a Dystopian Characters
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  • don't let the people of Eden find out about Perile. We must keep everyone in conrtol by using fear.
  • Head of the Government
  • Goverment Employee
  • Sir, don't you think everyone should be treated evenly.
  • NO!!!
  • Senior Citizen 
  • Hey, Edna are you okay.
  • Oh, what I've been through.
  • Zion is the head office of the current Earth. He controls everything and he realizes that there is lots of discrimination, but continues to ignore what's going on under his power. He sees the people of Perile as thieves and just that which is not fair.
  • Child 
  • He is to fast we need to close him before he gets to the Boarder.
  • I wonder how my former wife is doing. To think all this time she was facking her lover for me.
  • This particular Employee is named Jason, who is a citizen of Edin. He feels that he should help the people of Perile because his main philosophy is that everyone should be treated evenly, but if he gets caught trying to help the people of Peril he will get arrest and set there where he will no longer be able to support his family.
  • Middle Aged Citizen 
  • Edna has pure hatred towards the new government and the way it works. Being that she lived through the events that led up to the splitting of Earth she is constantly scared by what she went through and if it will happen again. She lives on the Safer side of Peril where there isn't as much gang violence. She has a hard time going through her day because of recurring flashbacks or dreams from the tragic splitting of Earth and the oppressive government taking over.
  • Protaganist 
  • Gavin don't go out and cause more trouble. You trying to help up only causes more trouble.
  • Gorge has been accused of stealing many times in his five-year life span. Although he gets away with it easily because the government believes that they may be able to mold him into a future leader. As to his opinion about the economy, he lives in he leans more to the rebellious side. He even looks up to Gaven and tries to imitate some of his behavior after watching him on the News multiple times. 
  • Get that thief!!
  • Enricay is a regular citizen the abides by all the laws of there government. He goes to work and comes back to a beautiful family, except his wife. Although he wants to retrieve her from Peril. She was simply accused of being in a separate relationship with someone that lived in Peril. So the dilemma is that he wants to save his former wife that he loved and had kids with, but the other side of him says that he shouldn't even try to save her if she loves someone else. Which is why he is convinced that the government saved him from even more heartbreak by arresting her. So Enricay is blind to what the people of Peril are really going through, and he only sees the good things the government is doing to him the people of Eden.
  • What a great day at work. 
  • Gaven is the main leader of the rebellion. His bold, witty, and stubborn personality doesn't make him the best leader. Which raises another factor that people that live in both Eden and Peril hate him. Aside from being wanted by the Baertons for constantly trying to cross the border. accept his peers everyone hates him because every time he makes an effort to help the people of Perile to a better community but that only causes the Baertons to become more oppressive all because of him. He Belives that it continues to try and show the people of Eden what's really happening to there fellow citizens. He personally hates the government and wants to change it so the world is equal again. He doesn't blame the people of Eden but he blames the government for doing this to the world.
  • But I have to its the only way to save us Perils, our presence must be known.
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