romio juliet

Updated: 5/19/2020
romio juliet

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  • a fight breaks out between the Montagues and the Capulets servents . the fight was started my the Capulet servents and was finished by the prince telling them that they had to stop they were messing with the peace.
  • dont stop me let me go
  • Benvolio finds out that his friend romeo is very sad over that fact that Rosaline does not love him back. she doesnt want to have kids for her whole life. romeo says he will never find anyone like her.
  • i love someone who doesnt love me back.
  • why are you so sad romeo
  • lady Capulet and the nurse start talking to Juliet about marriage and how she already 14 and how most girls are already married her age and the start talking about this guy named Paris and how he would be a great guy for her so she agrees to look at him at the party and try to like her
  • i will look at him tonight and try to like him
  • i think that we should start talking about marriage
  • yes paris is a great guy and he will be at the party
  • at the party Juliet ends up meeting romeo and they fall in love instently. and romeo for gets about his old love. but later that night they find out they there familys are enemys. but still love each other
  • is my hand worthy to be in yours 
  • romeo climbs over the wall breaking the rules to see Juliet. they confess there love for each other knowing they can get in alot of trouble for seeing each other
  • i love you too
  • i pledge my love to you
  • romeo and juleit are in love so they decside to get married lawrence agrees to marry then not knowing the out come of it