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Name: Alejandro Renzo Ronquillo Digital Element: HEALTH & WELLNESS
Updated: 9/15/2020
Name: Alejandro Renzo Ronquillo Digital Element: HEALTH & WELLNESS
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  • Name: Alejandro Renzo Ronquillo
  • My head hurts after sleeping very late and i feel very tired. I should've just finished my homeworks first.
  • digital health and wellness and physical psychological well being in a digital world
  • Son, you look like you're not feeling well. What happened? Usually you'd play with the dogs at this hour.
  • Well you see Dad i didn't get enough sleep earlier because i missed a lot of my homeworks, because i was playing online games with my friends.
  • 11-Isore
  • I can't believe you Rupert! Why did you play video games the other day when you could've been doing your homework!? Look at you, you're sick already because of your non-sense.
  • I am really sorry Mom. I promise i will do my home works first, before playing games. And i promise i won't sleep late later.
  • Rupert slept late because he was just playing games the other day and was trying to catch up with his homeworks because of the due date. He's having a headache because he did not get enough sleep.
  • She got mad at me because i slept late.
  • What happened with you and Mom earlier?
  • Rupert went out of the house and his dad saw Rupert not feeling very well, so Rupert's Dad approached him and asked a question.
  • Rupert, you're already a grown up. Please prioritize your school works before playing games and slacking off. It's not that we're taking away your phone or your pc, but we want you to finish your school works first and then play games when you're free of home works. And promise me not to sleep late at night to avoid getting health problems!
  • Rupert's Mom knew that he slept late that night because Rupert was just up all night the other day because he was playing games with his friends, instead of working on his homeworks and got mad. She called in Rupert to go to her room.
  • Alright Son, it's getting pretty dark, i should go to sleep. You should sleep now to avoid getting headaches again. Goodnight Son!
  • Rupert immediately went to his room and cried because his Mom was mad at him for staying up late. Rupert's Dad saw him and went to his room to talk to him.
  • Look Son, i am not gonna get angry at you, but i won't tolerate you slacking off with your home works.
  • Rupert's Dad telling him to focus on his studies and prioritize his home works before slacking off and playing games in order not to sleep late because of passing due home works.
  • Rupert now learns his lesson and promises to sleep early to avoid getting sick and promises to do his home works first to avoid sleeping late.
  • Okay Dad, i promise. Thank you for the advise. From now on i will do my home works first in order to sleep early to avoid getting sick.
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