Final Comic Book p1
Updated: 8/27/2018
Final Comic Book p1
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  • The History Of A Atom By: Justin Foureau, AnaCarolyna Harris, and Jada Brodus
  • Justin travels back in time to 1897 to J.J Thomson's lab
  • Oh my goodness your J.J Thomson!!!
  • Yes, Yes I am so what brings you by, Justin
  • Well, i don't really know, all i said was i want to know more about atoms and well now we're here
  • Well, we are going to go see some more about some atom theorists
  • Can you explain to me more about atoms!
  • No, it's not how it works it's what it is, I will tell you, made of pieces with positive and negative charge, and that the negatively charged electrons within the atom were very small compared to the entire atom.
  • How does it work?
  • I discovered a "model", a Plum Pudding model.
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