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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/25/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Lysander Vs Demteruis
  • You suck Lysander Hermia is mine. Her dad says so
  • Dude its not my fault your lame. She doesn't like you bro.
  • Oberone vs Titania
  • I will not give you the boy Oberon. Now stop asking
  • Just give me the kid. I'm sick and tired of asking.
  • Helina is Crazy
  • Demetrius just love me please.
  • Helinia just leave me alone. I sick of you being all over me all the time.
  • Lysander and Demetrius have beef over Hermia. Hermia is being forced to marry someone who she does not love, Demetrius. While she loves Lysander. The two mean fight over who as the right to marry.
  • They Live Happyly Ever After
  • We are all super happy yay
  • Oberon wants the Indian boy Titania adopted. He ends up giving her a love potion so while shes in love and distracted he can take the boy.
  • They End Up Happy
  • It's okay. I had a weird dream about loving a donkey tho
  • I'm so sorry I was wrong to want the boy without your permission.
  • Helina is obsessed with Demetrius. He basically despises her. She clings onto him at any chance she has.
  • The Love Potion Works
  • Wow your so amazing Helina. I love you.
  • In the end Lysander marries Hermia. And Demetrius marries his lover, Helena They all become friends in the end and are happy.
  • Once Oberon sees his wife, Titania in love with Bottom he takes the potion off. He apologizes and eventually their happy together. The Indian Boy stays in Titania's hands.
  • The Love serum or potion works on Demetrius. He falls in love with Helina. And they live happy.
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