Updated: 3/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hello I´m Robert Walton, what happened to you?
  • Hi I´m Victor Frankenstein, here is my story...
  • There I passed through different difficulties, and finally I discovered and amazing thing, I started on the creation of a human being
  • When I was 17 yo., I decided to go tu university. Before I went my mum passed away
  • Oh my god, this is terrible. I must escape from this monster
  • While I was creating de monster, a lightstorm hit my house and the beast get up
  • My brother has been murdered!!!!!
  • While Wlliam and Ernest where playing hide and seek, something strange happened to William
  • Everything was prepared for the trial, Justine was named guilty
  • He was sentenced to death, two innocent people had died because the fault of Victor.
  • You are killing my family and friends, what can I do for you
  • Later, Victor was preparing a meeting to talk with the monster
  • I wont do anything to you. I don´t know where to go and where to stay, when i go out of Germany...