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Safari Diaries
Updated: 6/16/2020
Safari Diaries
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  • Once upon a time in the Savanna of South Africa...The leaders of the forest were having a meeting to discuss some issues troubling the animals
  • We can go to the other forest to get them..
  • It's a very long walk to get there but I am used to it.
  • The topic of discussion is 'Shortage of food and water for all of us as drought has started '
  • Lets discuss our specialities so that we can conclude who can do what
  • My skin color helps me camouflage in case some predator attacks,my long retractable claws help me to trap my prey and my rough tongue helps me peel the skin
  • My tall neck helps me feed at high tree tops and it also aids me to to keep track of predators and enables communication with other giraffes over several miles.The fringed tail I have swats insects and flies
  • My stripes help me conceal in the grass, my long and powerful legs help me stride swiftly from my predators and my teeth help me chew grass easily.My hooves help me deliver a strong kick which can kill my predators.
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