Directional selection
Updated: 1/28/2021
Directional selection

Storyboard Text

  • But why are they all kind of different..?
  • Its me! BRAIN MAN. Let me tell you why they are all different!
  • What is the world...
  • Listen young man all of these birds have different character because of the idea of Directional selection !
  • So... Directional selection is the process where an organism is changed/adapted to their new environment?
  • Here, an example. This place is more high ground and more mountains. You will see that birds have different sized beaks and color fur to have a better chance of survival
  • Okay last example, here all seeds and food in on ground for the birds, meaning they want short beaks and darker fur. Check out the different in the birds.
  • This is actually pretty cool!
  • Alright I am out of here! I hope you learned something today! Brain Man is here whenever you need him!