John's teleportation math journey
Updated: 2/23/2021
John's teleportation math journey

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, my name is John and I have the ability to teleport!
  • I am about 20 Ft away and I am looking up at a 67 degree angle I would have to do Tan(67)*20 and I get 47 so I have to teleport 47 Ft up to get to the top
  • This 10 ft field goal has a 25 ft shadow, I want to find the angle of elevation so I do Sin-1 10 over 25 and I get 24, so the angle of evaluation is 24
  • X
  • I am looking up at this lighthouse at a 67 degree angle, it has a 60 ft shadow so I would do 60 Cos (67) and I would get 23 ft, so it is 23 Ft tall
  • 60 FT
  • 67
  • Woah! I am back to where I first started, I guess this is the end to my adventures, bye!