Updated: 5/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, my name is Gregor Samsa. I was a salesman that worked everyday to help my family to pay a big debt, but one day I woke up transformed into a bug, They were very concerned because I did not go to work that morning, but the situation was even more difficult than that.
  • Oh my God, even now I do not understand why everybody was so scared, the shop manager that came to reproach me run away, mom passed out and dad was very angry. I only wanted to work, but finally I accepted my situation.
  • Grete, my sister was the only one that visited me, she provided food day by day, but she felt very strange and then our relationship started to get worse, I was almost alone, my dad banned mom to take care of me, besides that she passed out again when she saw me on the wall.
  • Finally everything exploded when I was trying to support my little sister in her violin concert and three excentric men that were renting a room saw me and run out of the house. My dad with his new job, mom always scared and submissive and Grete, everyone hated me; they did not want my presence in their new life, I was only an obstacle.
  • In the end, I was completely forgotten and alone, death was all I expected. The new maid that sometimes visited my bedroom discovered my body lying on the ground. My last moments were full of nostalgia, without a friendly hand around this condition.
  • The maid went to tell them what happened to me and a thing that she noticed, but they were not sad or sorry about their lost. Instead of that they felt happy and relieved of me, their burden, now they could start a new life, full of peace.