Fungus Among Us
Updated: 2/18/2021
Fungus Among Us

Storyboard Description

The Walls family went to Erma's funeral. Rose Mary was the most respectful by praying for her and kissing her corpse so she can get out of purgatory. Lori was rude about it (and it was hilarious) and that sent Rex into a rampage. He disappeared for four days and Jeannette found him at a bar, getting hardcore drunk. Some random guy helped them home, and upset Jeannette in the process by calling Rex the town drunk. Jump ahead a few months and the kids were having their weekly bath at their grandpa's house. Uncle Stanley starts being real inappropriate towards Jeannette and Rose Mary brushed it off by saying he's lonely. It started raining really hard, and it made their house a million times worse than it already was with fungus and holes appearing everywhere. Brian found a diamond ring while exploring and instead of doing anything to improve the family's life, Rose Mary keeps it to "boost her self esteem". Jeanette wants to go to the public pool to cool off, but all the kids make her uncomfortable by saying she's a health hazard and shouldn't swim. Dinitia invites her to swim when the black people do and Jeannette throughly enjoys herself.

Storyboard Text

  • Ding-Dong the witch is dead!
  • That's my mother you're talking about!
  • Where were you?! Mom said you have to come home now!
  • "For the daughter of the town drunk, you sure got big plans" (Walls 183).
  • Erma died from liver failure from drinking). Rose Mary went full blown religious to get Erma's soul out of purgatory because she thought Erma basically committed suicide. No one had anything nice to say about her passing.
  • My husband doesn't hit me!
  • Angry at his family, Rex disappeared for four days. Jeannette was made to go looking for him and three bars later, she did.
  • Jeannette! Look what I found!!!
  • We can fix our entire lives with that!!
  • A man offers to drive Jeannette and Rex home, since Rex is too drunk to make it home. She told him about her future plans and he made a casual comment about Rex being the town drunk.
  • "Collar got to match the cuffs" (Walls 191)
  • It started raining and the house started falling apart. Everything was moldy, mushrooms were growing, and the moisture ate away at the wood, making it weak.
  • Brian found a diamond ring in some wood. Him and Jeannette get excited because it could be worth a lot, but unfortunately, Rose Mary keeps it for herself.
  • Jeannette didn't like going to the pool because the kids called her dirty. Dinitia told her to come in the morning, when all the black people came.