"The Chrysalids" chpt.1 (Part 2)
Updated: 11/6/2018
"The Chrysalids" chpt.1 (Part 2)
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  • I'm sorry mum, but he saw my toes. I needed his help.
  • She insisted on traveling here by herself. Here she comes now.
  • It is ok dear, let's just get you to your bed to rest.
  • Sophie's mother, Mrs. Wender, was awfully worried that David would let this secret out and get Sophie killed for being different then God's image of a human...
  • Just rest here darling. I must go talk to David now.
  • You are a sweet boy for helping Sophie... And I know you saw her toes David. But you must understand that nobody else can find out! OK?
  • Yes Mrs. Wender. I understand. You can trust me.
  • Mrs. Wender, this is our secret. I promise you. But I should go now.
  • I can't explain it enough. If anyone finds out about her toes, they'd be terribly unkind to her.
  • As David walked home, he thought of what his father had always read him from the bible about the definition of being human.
  • My pleasure Mrs. Wender. Goodbye now.
  • Thank you for helping her David. See you soon!
  • "... and each leg shall be jointed twice and have one foot, and each foot five toes, and each toe shall end with a flat nail..."
  • "... and any creature that shall seem to be human, but is not formed thus is not human. It is a blasphemy against the true image of God, and hateful in the sight of god. 
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