To Kill a Mocking Bird
Updated: 1/24/2020
To Kill a Mocking Bird
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  • Dill Convincing Them to Communicate with Boo
  • Scout's First Day of School
  • Miss Caroline Fisher
  • The Fire
  • Dill has a big fascination with trying to communicate with Boo Radley after hearing all the rumors about them and convinces Scout and Jem to help him.
  • Christmas
  • Scout gets in trouble TWICE on her first day of school. She was already able to read and write, and the teacher told her she couldn't be taught by her dad anymore. She also was trying to explain to Miss Caroline that Walter Cunningham is poor, and would never take anything he couldn't pay back.
  • Rabid Dog
  • Miss Maudie's house catches fire, so they're sent down to stand in front of the Radley house so they're out of the way of men fighting the fire. Since it's really cold outside and it's the middle of the night, the kids are chilly and out of it. Boo brings a blanket to Scout and puts it on her without her noticing.
  • Mrs. Dubose
  • Scout, Atticus, and Jem go to Finch's landing for Christmas Day. Francis is there, and him and Scout don't get a long. He says mean things about Atticus so Scout decks him in the mouth.
  • One day while the kids are out playing they see a sick-looking dog walking towards them. They tell Cal and she tells everyone there's a rabid dog. Atticus and the Sheriff come to take care of it, and Atticus is forced to use a gun to kill it.
  • Jem ruins Mrs. Dubose's flowers in her front yard and she has him come to her house to read to her as payment. Little do him or Scout know, she actually is having Jem there as a distraction from her withdrawal symptoms because she's a morphine addict.
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