Updated: 2/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I'm a visitor, the golgi apparatus because we take things in and out of the park!!
  • I'm the ground, like the cytoplasm because it gives the shape of the park
  • Hi!! I'm the Garbage man and I'm like Lysosomes because I take away the waste.
  • This is the restaurant, I'm Chloroplast because I produce sugar.
  • We are the Solar Panels the Mitochondria because I'm the powerhouse.
  • I'm the control center. I'm the Nucleus because I control how everything works!!
  • I let people in and out down here. I am the cell membrane.
  • .
  • I'm the Fence, like the cell wall because I keep things out!
  • I'm a store worker. I am the ribosomes because I make things!!
  • I'm the metal frames of this ride, like the cytoskeleton because I help maintain the structure