Black Ships Before Troy
Updated: 4/16/2020
Black Ships Before Troy

Storyboard Text

  • it's mine, i'm the queen of the heavens
  • hehehe, thats what you get for not inviting me
  • wisdom is beauty, it's mine!
  • i'm the goddess of beauty, it's mine!
  • mooooooo
  • oh no what's a child doing all alone out here?
  • waaaaaa
  • this is when Paris and Oenone meet and fall in love!
  • me too
  • i love you
  • i choose Aphroditi
  • you shall marry the prettiest mortal in the world!
  • i'm off to meet Helen of the fare cheeks! across the ocean i sail for many weeks.
  • i cannot leave with you, i'm a married women... fine i will go with you!
  • come with me, my boat is waiting at the dock... please... hurray!
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