Unknown Story

Updated: 10/30/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • I have seemed to acquired what seems to be a cask of amontillado.
  • Amontillado!
  • Because you are occupied I shall go to Luchresi.
  • No, I am not occupied, lets go to the amontillado.
  • Here a drought of Medoc to defend us from the damps.
  • Montessor runs into Fortunato and sees a chance to set his plan for revenge into action.
  • Montessor is baiting Forunato to come to the catacombs with him.
  • Montessor is leading Fortunato down the catacombs and is making him more drunk by telling him that drink to protect himself from the cold.
  • Montessor is chaining up Forunato so he can exact his revenge.
  • Montressor is walling Forutnto into the niche in the wall so he will die.
  • Montressor is lying on his death bed and telling his friend how he killed fortunato.