social studies
Updated: 2/10/2020
social studies
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  • well then lets do something about it
  • i really don't think its fair hat one person controls all of Greece
  • yah i feel like there should be more people in charge of Greece so that they don't have as much power
  • i find it unfair that the people in Rome have no power compared to our leaders
  • i agree that they have to much power
  • that is a valid statement because he never does anything and gets what ever he wants i think we should to something to change this
  • the king has to much power and i think its unfair because he abuses his power
  • i think that people should have more freedom on who they want to lead them
  • yes but sometimes they choose wrong and get someone bad
  • remember king james let you come here so you must do what he said
  • well then i'm in charge then so now you listen to me
  • well what if we don't want to because he is not here so he is not in charge
  • the king of England should not be able to control us
  • i agree he is in England not here
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