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Galileo Galilei is Scientific Revolution
Updated: 9/7/2020
Galileo Galilei is Scientific Revolution
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Storyboard Description

This storyboard is about Galileo Galilei and how he was one that made the scientific revolution possible. The first box is about how in 1581 Galileo Galilei entered the University of Pisa to study medicine. In the second Box he lost interest in medicine so he instead had a passion for Mathematics He was so Smart that he became a professor at age 25 he taught first at Pisa and then at The University of Padua. Then in the third box Galileo thought that if he could make a better telescope it could become a powerful tool for science research a few months later he designed a telescope 10 times more powerful that earlier models. One night he turned his telescope to the sky he saw that what Ptolemy had said that the moon was smooth and polished was wrong he saw that the moon was rough and uneven he also saw other astronomy stuff that proved that Copernicus ideas make more sense. This changed history and how they viewed astronomy.
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