Shays Rebellion: the inside story
Updated: 12/9/2020
Shays Rebellion: the inside story

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  • Massachusetts August of 1786
  • I think that that is a wonderful idea
  • Hey lets tax these farmers so we can pay off our debt
  • Oh my I must go tell the others at once
  • thousands of farmers ready to protest
  • I am Daniel Shay war veteran, now farmer , and this so called congress is taxing us. So we need to rebel who's with me
  • It is on
  • We are
  • September 1786 Daniel shay and other local leaders getting ready to lead a rebellion
  • We would like to tax you please pay 
  • February 1787
  • sorry guys but we got a rebellion coming
  • lets go recruit an army
  • September-October 1786
  • To almost every state they went they got . . .
  • Want to join our army and help us fight?
  • October-December 1786
  • Sorry were kind of busy right now
  • January 1787Shay leads a force of 1,200 men to shut congress down
  • They meet the militia before they can go any further
  • oh ho ho Yes we can
  • You can't tax us
  • Sorry for killing two farmers and taxing you, we should have just made more rules on the A.O.C.
  • Sorry for rebelling just promise to not tax or take our land
  • Both sides were relived the end