A Rocks Journey
Updated: 6/2/2020
A Rocks Journey

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Storyboard Text

  • Erousion from weathering
  • One day this pig was going on a hike up a mountain but there was another mountain in the way
  • 20 years later he came back but the top of the mountain was gone. So he set out on a journey to find where the erosion carried the sediments.
  • Rivers and streams can move pieces of rock. This is called transport. Fast-flowing rivers can transport large rocks.
  • Deposition from the mountain
  • Slow-moving rivers can only transport tiny pieces of rock.
  • As the pieces of rock are carried along by the water, they bash against each other and the river bed meaning they gradually wear away and they become smaller and more rounded.
  • Erosion carries the sediments from one place to another and deposition is the proses when they get deposited from one place to another. At the mouth of a river that leads to the mountain, they found where the sediments were deposited from erosion.