Organs and tissues discussion
Updated: 5/8/2020
Organs and tissues discussion

Storyboard Text

  • The human body is a complete system composed by others sytems.
  • This sytems are composed of organs, and this organs of tissues and this tissues of cells the main lifa compound in a human body.And all this parts have a specific function But today I'm going to tell you a sad story of some friends that fight for their egocentrism.
  • Here we have the best friends called auka and proka they know each other since the earths beggining.
  • We are the main structure to being life continue existing. I composed Humans And I Animals.
  • And here we have the triple group TI: Nerve tissue, Muscle And Ephitelial
  • We are the most important part in thebody the tissues without us you wont have organs.
  • Thanks for us you stay alive because we form organs!!!!!
  • Thank for us you exist!
  • The BattleBegging