Experimental perfection (cops)
Updated: 4/20/2020
Experimental perfection (cops)
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(then it all goes wrong cause cause one cop was a traitor and could not deal with it any more) he was going to die at the end of the day anyway cause they heard his plan. the person in charged escaped. he becomes cop (shieft cause he made a plan to become one he killed his boss and he was net in line (ur father was part of this gang and now you are the shief) lets make a deal and they do it but he overtrows the gang and is now the shieft of police and boss of the gang but now he wants revenge on step mother so he makes her go to prison eve throgh she is inocent (he starts killing for fun (if his the chosen one like his last care taker say he will survive no mater what. one time is luck, second coincidence, tird you were meant to be born (he was rased by the experiment dude who scaped) at the end he tries to have fun and kill other people (this is perfect, hey u dont want to live so u got nothing to lose. if u do this crazy stuff and u still survive it means u were not a mistake like u say so. so live with no fear cause u were meant to be here to unite the police and the gang. thats yiur porpuse (at the end he knows thats his meant to be here but he has no emotions or feels nothing, so whats the point. he cant find meaning or joy to it anymore. so he lived his next years having fun by killing people and making them suffer since he cant have emotions he like to see peoples scared to the bone . thats how he finds meaning, he fears nothing and he finds fear facinating.
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