the last wedding (5th)
Updated: 3/9/2020
the last wedding (5th)
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i visited my moms grave after my wedding my big brother walked me t the isle (yes i killed my dad that night) but no one knows. "mom i did it, i revenged you. i also revanged the suffering of me and my bother even througjht we will foreever miss you and it will never be the same. at least the person who took your precious life got a tate of its own medicine" "i'have found ypur diary mom" im sorry i never saw u were being abused by this creature i will never call my dad" "im sorry i could nnot protect u" "im sorry u stayed in it for me and my brother""im sorry u hided ur sufferin behind that sweet heart warming smile of yours. im sorry. i will never forgive myself. never. (i always visir ur grave) ur depature has marked me for ever (new title for this comic? Departure) the wedding but i still have bad luck with men. i miss u so much. im going to kill my husbad very soon (have like 3 scenes were is like going to kill the husband but she dosent and have her thinking stuff "psychopath thouths" and the forth time she alsmot dos it but someone enterd the room. the fith tine she kills him. she merried him knowing he was currently cheating and he did not know that she knew. she loved him but when she knew he chaeted she started hatting him. she married him because she was going to take his soul and all his money and properties (do brujeria, she was tired of men. this was her 5th erriage in 8 years lol. she kills his 5th husband (the second person she killed after her father) and uses his soul to become a witch with help of brujo. (she was thinking a slow death or a fast one? but then that same day she meat el brujo,. she was walking and saw on the ground a paper with a direction for a brujo servises. dark magic. real. no jokes. "a qukick one will be she aid to herself because the oement she was thinking how to kill him she found thta paper on the ground.the paper said). after her 3rd killing she uses her knowledge to "trap the souls of all the people she killed (mostly men 99% men and 1% woman). every circle on her necklaces has the initial of the name and the last name of the soul thats traped) if the name and last name is the same as other previous killed person she ads 2nd 3rd 5th etc. also she will only liverate and let those sould rest the day she is satisfied with al the revange she has done because this is a form of revenge for her(yes she has many at the end lol (this future 2020

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  • all this year and i still miss u so much. i know thi is not what u anted. u did not esnt ur daughter to become a mosnter. but i had to doit s this guilt goes away,
  • here mom. i will gift you my weddingflowers. they still have dads blood on it
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