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The Titan's Curse
Updated: 3/25/2020
The Titan's Curse
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  • Going to Westover Hall
  • Let's go see what going on at Westover Hall.
  • The Titan's Curse By : Paolo Serafico
  • At the entrance for the school dance
  • You may go inside.
  • Percy protecting Nico and Bianca, while fighting the Manticore.
  • Nico, Bianca stay behind me.
  • Annabeth and Thalia go towards the military, Westover Hall. The group is responding to a distress call from Percy's best friend, Grover. Grover had been sent to a school to recruit more demigods for Camp Half-Blood.
  • Artemis and her Hunters saving them and defeating the Manticore
  • Don't worry the Hunters and Artemis is here.
  • Thalia uses her abilities to charm the school staff, letting the group blend in and sneak into a school dance. There, they reunite with Grover who identifies the two students, Nico and Bianca.
  • Artemis and the Hunters
  • I am the goddess Artemis and these are my hunters.
  • Before they can get away, the group is separated and Percy is attacked by the Principal, Dr.Thorn, who is in fact a monstrous Manticore. Percy tries to fight him and protect the siblings, but he is too powerful.
  • Artemis is asking Bianca to join her and become one of her Hunters
  • Would you want to join me in the Hunt?
  • He tells Percy that he will be taking them to see someone known as the General. Before he can take the group away, several women show up with the goddess Artemis, rescuing Percy and the others.
  • The women are a group known as the Hunters. Artemis only accepts young females to join her in the hunt because they haven't been distracted by other things in life, namely boys.
  • Artemis recruits Bianca to join the Hunters, explaining how if she joins she will be made immortal and will defend the world from monstrous threats. Bianca accepts, which angers Percy since he feels she's giving up on her younger brother, Nico.
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