The giver Storyborad

Updated: 3/7/2019
The giver Storyborad

Storyboard Text

  • In this picture, they are at the dinner table talking about what happens that day. They are all talking about how there day went and what went wrong.
  • In this picture, they are playing catch with a apple when it suddenly changes in mid air. So after Jonas takes it home to get a closer look at it.
  • He is the new receiver of memories
  • In this picture, Jonas is bathing Larissa and talking about what is going on in the community. This happen because he went to go help fiona at the house of the old.
  • Right here Jonas is having his first string. He wakes up the next day to tell his parents and starts to take his pills.
  • This is where Jonas is given the most important job of the Receiver of memories. At first he is scared because this is a big honor.
  • Here, Jonas is riding to his first day of his new job as receiver of memories. He is riding to the annex which was behind a building.