actual homework
Updated: 5/19/2020
actual homework

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  • No, I don't think so.
  • Do you think they would be coming?
  • The United Nations had a meeting stating how an embargo was being placed on Haiti. This meant Haiti couldn't trade with other countries. If Haiti gave up their power, the embargo would be lifted. Unfortunately, power consumed the Haitian dictators’ minds and they did not care too much about the embargo.
  • On September 15, 1994, President Clinton made a live speech addressing how he is going to invade Haiti to restore democracy and security. He did this because so many Haitians were getting killed, rapped and more. He sent sending troops to try and help Haiti
  • We should clean up the rumble
  • The junta’s leaders didn’t believe the U.S. would actually invade. They believed that they were immune and that Clinton was playing politics, and that they could stay in power and eventually things would be resolved without the return of Aristide.
  • We have done enough already.
  • You remember Haiti ? We should do something.
  • You sure what can we really do? I only know about it because of class.
  • On September 19 around 25,000 military troops landed in Haiti. The move worked, and the junta backed down. President Aristide was restored back to power by U.S. forces during what was called Operation Uphold Democracy.
  • Haiti became a country dependent on international financial organizations for its funding, its budget and still is at the mercy of what the international community is willing to give. Haiti is still struggling and more ever since the earthquake.
  • I'll get back to it.
  • The US thinks they have done enough for Haiti and isn't doing much anymore. They have forgotten about them and they think they were truly successful in 1994 even though they aren't. Haiti is still struggling badly to this day.