Persian Wars
Updated: 5/1/2020
Persian Wars

Storyboard Text

  • 15,000 Persians
  • 490 B.C.Marathon Greece
  • VS.
  • 10,000 Athenians and 1,000 Plataeans
  • Victory!!!
  • 100,00-150,00 Persians
  • 10 years later... 480 B.C.Thermopylae Greece
  • We're back!
  • VS.
  • 300 Spartan soldiers and 7,000 Greek soldiers
  • The Persian Army wanted to defeat the Greek city-states that supported the uprisings in Ionia against the Persian Empire.
  • Victory!!!
  • The Greek won and it drove the Persians out of mainland Greece for 10 years, It was the Greeks first win against Persia, which showed that Persia wasn't invincible.
  • 900–1,207 Persian ships
  • Salamis Greece480 B.C.
  • VS.
  • 371–378 Greek ships
  • King Xerxes of Persia was attempting to gain more territory so he went back to Greece to battle and fight to get the land.
  • Persia will never conquer us!!!
  • Persia won, but because of this win the Greeks were fueled to push the Persian army back out of their country because of all the men sacrifice at Thermopylae.
  • Persia wanted to take over the Greek Empire and have control of that land. So they decided to go back to war and this battle was one of the greatest naval battles.
  • Because of the Greek win in this battle it led to the last battle of Plataea that led to the defeat of the entire Persia Empire the following year.