My Idea Book Entry: Brian's Winter by Gary Paulsen
Updated: 9/23/2018
My Idea Book Entry: Brian's Winter by Gary Paulsen
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  • What will I do now?!
  • I must be prepared for anything...
  • The book "Brian's Winter" is about a normal 13-year-old boy who is stranded in a Canadian forest after a plane crash. He was the only one who survived the crash apart from the pilot. This book is a sequel to 'Hatchet' but has an alternate ending.
  • I'll die of starvation! Oh, what should I do now?!
  • A major turning point in the story was when the bear vandalized his shelter. Brian thought he had cleaned the pots well and there was no lingering meat smell. The bear was able to smell the meat anyways and attacked him. Brian realized that the bear could have caused serious injuries and hence it's very important to arm himself with better weapons.
  • There's someone else in this wilderness with me?
  • After a long week of cold and hard rain, Brian knew this was a sign that winter was on its way. He understood that if he is unable to survive this rain, he would not be able to sustain even 3 days in a Canadian winter. He started by making more robust weapons such as a war bow, flint arrows, and a lance. He then enhanced his shelter by making it weather-proof.
  • "I..."
  • "I wondered when you'd come here..."
  • The main challenge emerged after Brian was low on food supply. He went to a nearby lake to replenish the quantity of fish he had on stock, but he observed that the lake was frozen. He then started to frantically search for sources of food all throughout the forest. He searched for days and days but was impoverished in the end.
  • On one such wandering across the lake for anything that would console his hunger, he made a life-changing discovery; he found human footsteps. He felt exhilarated and decided to follow the footsteps first thing the next day after he woke up from his sleep.
  • When Brian followed the footprints, he found that they led to a cabin with 4 dogs outside, he found a Native American man holding a rifle. The man knew that Brian was in the forest but he did not interact with Brian thinking he may scare him. The man later explained that a supply plane arrives at the hut every 3 weeks. Eventually, with the help of a supply plane, Brian makes his escape back home.
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