Cyber Bullying- Health and PE
Updated: 3/20/2020
Cyber Bullying- Health and PE

Storyboard Text

  • Jessica is getting teased online, known as Cyber bullying. She doesn't know this person, but she thinks some ones undercover so they don't get in trouble.
  • Stanger: Loser! Get a life! No one likes you! Ew!
  • What? Who are you?Stop talking bad about me...
  • She was confused, who was texting her? She felt insecure and body shamed herself. She agreed, "I am ugly" but she wanted to know who was texting her. She didn't want to show her weakness to the bully.
  • stop pls :(
  • stop!
  • Jessica's bully named Scolodecided that it is fun to tease and hurt people's feelings online.
  • Loser! Sucks to be her.
  • Scolo decides topost a picture of Jessica crying a make fun ofher
  • Now that's a good post!Guys check itout! Haha loser
  • 👧
  • Look at this loser
  • Jessica got upset and didn't feel good after the post got 124 likes and that people noticed her on Insta. But Kisha was worried about her...
  • Scolo.B
  • oh no.
  • You don't have the right to post other peoples faces on social media and bully them!
  • I know I should've known betterI'll say sorry to her right away!