Updated: 11/9/2020

Storyboard Text

  • ''I won !!! I just can't believe it !''
  • "How was the competion dear ?"
  • '' I will tell everything after a short bath ''
  • ''Okay . Meet me in the dining room .''
  • '' First I was called into the hall and was made sit with the other competitors. Then the judges arrived and everyone was seated .
  • Her mother asked her that how was her competion .She replied and said that she had won it and she couldn't believe it .
  • ''The girls from the other schools sang their song . I was called after 4 girls.''
  • The girl told she would tell everything after a quick bath.Her mother nodded and said that to meet her in the dining room.
  • ''The judges took a lot of time to decide the winner . I felt very nervous that time.''
  • After a quick bath she told her mother that she was been called into an hall and was told to be seated down with the other participants. She also said that after she was seated the judges had arrived .
  • ''And then my name was announced as the winner . I was congratulated by many people .''
  • ''I am very happy for you dear .''
  • She then told that all the participants from the other schools were been called . She also said that she was called after 4 girls who sang.
  • After that she sdaid that judges took a lot of time to decide the winner . She had felt very nervous .
  • The girl then told her mother that she was announced as the winner and was congratulated.Her mother replied that she was very happy that she had won.