Physics Portfolio Activity 2
Updated: 7/18/2020
Physics Portfolio Activity 2
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  • Welcome!! Today we are going to show some conversations that give some information on Electricity.
  • Yes, they are called non - ohmic conductors. They don not obey Ohm's law whereas ohmic conductors do.
  • Why do they have so many doubts??
  • Ma'am, yesterday you told about ohm's law and how the current and voltage are related. But i saw that some devices are not following the law.
  • Fuse is a safety device. It has low melting point and high resistance and is made of alloy.
  • I didn't learn the fuse part for test. Please help me!!
  • You know mom, just a few minutes ago, the light was fluctuating and now, no power.. I wonder why that happened!?!
  • It is because of the varying voltage. Do you know what is voltage? Voltage is the work done per unit charge.
  • H = I^2*R*tSince heat energy is directly proportional to resistance, the heat energy will increase when resistance will also increase. Understood??
  • I have a doubt. How will the heat energy change if the resistance is increased??
  • Hope you gained some information on the chapter Current Electricity!!
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