Dirty Deeds Done Cheap
Updated: 6/23/2020
Dirty Deeds Done Cheap
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Ishmael, an American teenager, just started his career as a con-artist when he scammed his landlord with fake printed money . However, being new to the job, he did't realise that he got himself into trouble after scamming Donny "the Pig" Page, without knowing that he owns his apartment . Now he has to survive and use his con-artist ways to get out of this messy situation.

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  • Chapter 1 - Danger Zone
  • My name is Ishmael.
  • Chapter 2 : Bad Reputation
  • Chapter 3 - Money Machine
  • .
  • .
  • $$$$$
  • (Climax) Ishmael introduces himself and Janis as they run from gangsters and try to escape from them. Starts in the middle of this chase scene and ends up with them hiding underneath a bridge.
  • Chapter 4-5 : Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
  • Ishmael manages to lose the mobster but he feels tired. He regrets doing what he did as he knelt and thought about it. Flash backs to his up bringing and how he got into being a con-artist. Ishmael first exploit as a con-man was printing fraud money for his rent at the apartment (Exposition)
  • Chapter 6-7 : Bad Company
  • Tells about how Janis and Ishmael met during their career as Con-artists. Janis tells Ishmael about a client who was the boss of a person, whom she met at a coffee shop, the guy was called Steven May. The boss of Steven May was interested in a new car and he is willing to give a lot of money for it. (Inciting Incident)
  • Chapter 8-9-10 : Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  • (Inciting Incident) Janis and Ishmael made a plan. It includes them stealing an expensive car and pretending to be car sellers. Janis met up with Steven May and told him that they are selling a car. Steven agreed and informed his boss. The next day , they met up to construct a deal with the boss. The boss was willing to pay over $2,000,000 but Ishmael wanted more and uped the price. Although the car was worth $1,200,000 , the boss wanted the car than anything else.
  • (Rising Action) However, the Boss recognise the car model and its pricing. the boss was mad and told his henchmen to kill Ishmael and Janis. The Boss later revealed that he is Donny "Cash" Burlow, well-known gangster in New York City. Burlows men readied their guns as the duo panicked and ran. it then cuts back to the duo under the bridge,still hiding. Then two of the gangsters spotted them and captured them. They were knocked out , later found themselves in a room tied to a chair and Donny with his men at the opposite side of the room
  • (Falling Action) Burlow told them about using his car for his own pleasure but as he learned that they cheated and scammed him, he said that he will take the car, 10 million dollars and Ishmaels own money (which he made from his previous exploits). Angered , both tried to lash back but that did nothing., so Ishmael mentioned that Burlow can't get his money because he doesn't know where Ishmael hid it only Ishmael knows where its hidden. Burlow agrees but if they were still their hostage. As they got out of the room, Janis manages to untie the rope and escape from the henchmen. Ishmael did the same while taking the car keys from Burlow and the money from Stevens hands.(Conclusion) They escape outside to see the car parked outside from where they were, the factory building. They outdrive the gangsters while being rich.
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