Jack the Ripper

Updated: 3/7/2021
Jack the Ripper

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London, 1888.

Storyboard Text

  • London's East End, in 1800s, was a much-visited place, but it was known for its squalor. It was a very controversial period, mainly because of Jack the Ripper: one of the greatest mysteries in London and the whole World.
  • Jack the Ripper killed 5 women and 15 suspected women from August 7 and September 10 1888.He killed the victims in a very brutal way, and they were all prostitutes.
  • The plot is: Inspector Lestrade decides to show up at 221 B Baker Street to hire the famouse detective Sherlock Holmes.
  • Various theories have been produced about the identity of Jack the Ripper in recent decades, which include claims accusing the famous The Victorian painter Walter Sickert, a Polish migrant and even a grandson of Queen Victoria.
  • In 1888, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was called by Scotland Yard to investigate the crimes.He wrote his insights and conjecture about the identity of Jack the Ripper.
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  • I think he probably had problems with women and frustation issues.He will probably have disappeared so as not to be discovered.
  • In my opinion, the culprit could be the painter Walter Sickert, he could know the anatomy, it is useful for painter, and painters are often crazy people.