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Updated: 3/30/2021
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  • Cherub: The Recruit
  • James is an 11-year-old boy living in London. His mom runs the biggest shoplifting business in the city, so they're rich but can't take much advantage of it since they're always on the run from the cops. One day, his mom drinks too much and dies.
  • James is put in a foster home with a kid named Kyle, and James likes him but still wants out of the foster home. But after he finds out who Kyle really is, he'll regret trying to leave.
  • James tries to escape but he gets caught and is brought back. That's the last thing he remembers, but what he doesn't remember is that Kyle gave him a shot that erases his recent memory and puts him to sleep. It turns out Kyle is a kid secret agent that is on a recruiting mission for new agents.
  • James wakes up at a strange pace that he doesn't know about. He is directed to an office, and a man explains his situation. He is on a secret spy base for kids, and they go out on missions to uncover bad guy's plots. He will have to pass basic training, but once he does he'll become an agent.
  • James finishes the tough training course, and starts to prepare for his first mission, uncovering a drug gang. If he brings it down, it could stop a large amount of the drugs being smuggled into England.