Prince Henry
Updated: 1/22/2020
Prince Henry
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  • Life of Prince Henry
  • Who Is Prince Henry
  • Who is Prince Henry
  • By PJ
  • GRAPES Religion
  • Prince Henry was born in Portugal 1394. He was a devout Catholic. Although he never went on voyages of discovery, he found new lands to spread Christianity
  • GRAPES Economics
  • He helped voyages to explore Africa and they conquered the Muslim city of Ceuta. Henry was exploring around Europe to spread Christianity and increase faith. Unfortunately he used all his money on the voyagers(14) and he died being poor in 1460.
  • Positive or Negative Impact?
  • Henry was big with Christianity. He wanted to “increase the faith of our lord Jesus Christ and bring to him all the souls that should be saved.” That is probably the reason why he didn’t go on one voyager. Instead he traveled east of Portugal to spread Christianity
  • Although he didn’t go on voyages, he helped plan them. Doing that cost money and he spent it all. He was in debt and couldn’t get out of it. The Portugeuse Crown spent 60 years paying Henry’s debt. Henry died poor on 1460
  • His impact was positive because he was able to spread Christianity around the world
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