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Julius caesar
Updated: 11/27/2019
Julius caesar
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  • Act I:ii
  • "Beware the ides of March"
  • Act II:i
  • "This, Casca; this, Cinna; and this, Metellus Climber"
  • Act III:i
  • "Et tu,Brute?"
  • Caesar is in town and there is a soothsayer that tells him to beware of the ides of march, the ides of march is march 15th the middle of the month. Caesar just brushes this off thinking he will be fine. A soothsayer is a person that is able to foresee the future. (I:ii:ln 23)
  • Act IV:iii
  • The conspirators show up to Brutus's house in the middle of the night Cassius introduces them to Brutus. The conspiracy group tell Brutus about their conspiracy theory. They tell him that they are going to walk with Caesar to work and kill him, This will take place on the ides of march. (II:i:ln 96)
  • Act V:Sc
  • " I held the sword, and he did run on it."
  • The conspirators walk with Caesar to the capital where Cassius asks Caesar to unbanish his brother, While this is happening Brutus gets behind Caesar. Then it all goes down Brutus stabs Caesar and the others start stabbing too he is stabbed 33 times. While all this is happening Caesar servant Antony ran home scared. (III:i:ln 80)
  • Theme
  • Brutus is sitting at a fire in Sardis listening to a story when he sees Caesar's ghost next to him at first he is scared, But the ghost then went on to say you shall see me in Philipi. Brutus is confused by this but before he can ask why he will see the ghost in Philipi, it disappears. All of this motivates Brutus to get up and march his whole army to Philipi to fight. (IV:iii:ln 283)
  • "To tell thee thou shalt see me at philipi."
  • Brutus had got the news that Cassius was dead and had known it was his hour to die, so Strato held Brutus's dagger and Brutus ran onto it so he could kill himself. Antony said that Brutus was a good noble and respectable man to be around. After saying this Octavius thought that Brutus should have a proper burial and gave his condolences. (V:V:ln 65)
  • Overall I think a good theme for Julius Caesar is to be think about the consequences of your actions, all of the deaths could have been avoided by just thinking the plan out more. Like if they would have took more time planning the conspiracy out and not rush it. This would have helped a lot they could have thought about the consequences of their plan, and maybe had a chance of winning the battle and live to rule Rome.
  • R.I.PCassius
  • R.I.PBrutus
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