Texas Timline
Updated: 2/12/2020
Texas Timline

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  • You can only colonize Texas if you select hardworking settlers.
  • Alright! I will have 297 families by 1827.
  • We want to Govern ourselves!!
  • We want more Respect and why did you come here without Mexico's permission!?
  • We should be able to get what we want.
  • Stephan F. Austin arrived at Texas wanting to colonize. Mexicans officials agreed to let him if he chooses hardworking settlers.
  • ATTACK!!!!
  • By 1803, 25,000 Americans immagrated to Texas. Tensions began to grow between them and the Tejanos (people already there). Americans were sick and tired of getting orders from Mexico and the Tejanos were angry that they came here without permission
  • Austin went to Texas presenting that they should have their wants reached to General Antonio López de Santa Anna. Instead of making a deal he arrested Austin for promoting rebellion. Two years later, once Austin was out of jail, Texans rose to rebal and Santa Anna wouldn't let that happened.
  • YAY! The lone star!
  • The Texans formed a group called the Alamo. Davy Crockett and James Bowie joined with them. The Texans already down short of men compared to Santa Anna's army. They fought for 12 days before they cam to their fort and killed each one of them. Which might have been a huge mistake, this filled Texans with angeir. 
  • Sam Houston and more troops marched on. Santa Anna and his troops expecting them to attack by dawn stayed up all night. When there was no attack they decided to sleep. Houston and his troops marched in making a surprise attack. They captured Santa Anna and prompted for his freedom to get the rest of his troops out of Texas.
  • The Texans wanted to be apart of the United States but were afraid because they thought it might start war with the Mexicans. They were independent for 10 years then finally joined the U.S.