Pride and Prejudice Proposal
Updated: 3/18/2020
Pride and Prejudice Proposal

Storyboard Text

  • "Believe me my dear Miss Elizabeth, You would be less amiable if it weren't for this unwillingness, but I have your mother's permission...
  • ..."As soon as I entered, I singled you out as my companion for life. Let me state my reasons for marrying..."
  • *tries to contain laughter*
  • "My first reason to marry is Every clergyman needs to marry to set the example..."
  • "...Secondly, It will add to my happiness and thirdly Lady Catherine advised me to"
  • "...I have come to Longbourn for I am to inherit this estate and I'd choose a wife from his daughters to make it easier..."
  • 'You are too hasty. Accept my thanks, I am sensible of the honor but I must decline.."
  • "It is normal for.a woman to decline the first, second, or third time. So, I am not discouraged!"
  • "I am not one of THOSE ladies, I shan't risk my happiness. I still refuse, I will not make you happy or vice versa-Nor does Lady Catherine think so."