Updated: 1/9/2020
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  • How could that be? We are sitting in the cold rain with no ride back home.
  • Dang. It looks like the rain got us. Well other people have it worse.
  • How could that be? I thought eating healthy was easy. How come they can't afford it?
  • Some people have to do this daily with no food. They can't afford to eat healthy or eat at all.
  • Well some people have a low paying job. Sometimes so low that they can not eat for a night or two. As my mom always said, "It is easier to buy a dollar hamburger then a whole chicken." As these people eat less and less or eat poorly they start to become ill.
  • Wow! Way to make it dark Phoenix.
  • These people then can't work for their low paying job and eat even worse. Some starve and some lose to malnourishment.
  • Why is it so hard to eat healthy? And aren't there places that help those
  • Yes, but many of those people fall to far behind to make it to those places. Some have to live outside in these elements.
  • Eating healthy needs a lot of things in order to work. You have to keep a consistent schedule and keep a decent budget.
  • Also, when you are trying to eat healthy it is usually ruined by addiction, stress, and budgets. You also have to worry about being mentally healthy to.
  • Being mentally stressed can force your body into fatigue or make you go crazy. You can eat to much, eat not enough, only eat bad things, and so much more. Stress kills eating healthy and to much can shut us down.
  • How come those things hurt us so much. Now I think eating healthy is impossible.
  • To a certain extent it is. Eating healthy can be unhealthy. To much of anything can shut us down. We should be happy with what we got now and focus on eating healthy a small bit. The funny thing is that even too much life can-
  • Don't you dare finish that sentence Phoenix. That is way to dark to be saying.
  • And with that the ashes lay lifeless ...until I get wood and make more fire by.
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